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When Developing a Web / App, Here Are 10 things To Keep in Mind

Developing a web/app | alfyi | alfyi.com

Are you currently designing a website? If so, you would probably want to know what to consider before starting the process. Designing a new website can be and will be a daunting task. With so many different things to integrate, it’s not surprising that many websites have trouble putting together the right things. With the growing amount of Internet searches for different companies and information, it is essential to create a website that stands out. What follows is a guide to the top 10 things to consider when designing a website.

Concept proofing

First, before you start implementing your idea, ask yourself, “Will your application be a solution to a problem that someone is currently facing?” It is also important you remember people are doing the same thing you plan doing. So think of what will make your app or website stand out from others.


Security is an important area that needs to be integrated to make your site safe for your visitors. Customers like to know that their personal information will not be used for any other purpose. Many viruses, hackers and Trojans can cause damage to computers and websites when security procedures are not implemented. This can leave a negative reputation for your site, which can generally affect your ranking and your popularity in the search engines. Always use reliable security programs when creating a website.

The style

The appearance of the website is also important for success. If you observe higher rank sites, they have a nice website structure and attractive graphics. Although its graphics should not be over impressive when a visitor visits your website. Try using pretty, simple graphics and fonts, and get the most out of space to help your visitors focus on the most important parts of your page and feel good about your site. You must also use unique, high-quality images that match the name and brand of your website. If you’re using animated graphics, make sure the site can handle the loading speed, because sometimes these images can freeze the page or make the page load slowly. This, in turn, will cause your visitors to search for another site that loads faster.

Structure and navigation

The structure of your website must also be taken into account. The navigation of a website is like a tree with its branches. When you click on certain areas, you must redirect them to the appropriate pages for your search. Poor navigation will leave your visitors frustrated and will generally increase the overall bounce rate of your website. Ensure the structure is as simple as possible. Remember, you have little time to impress your visitors. The first incorrect impression can significantly affect the reputation of your site negatively.

Crossed and unique browser: –
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

A good website should appear correctly on all types of modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Make sure your site is different from others and keep it up-to-date regularly so visitors come back.

Mobile platforms

If your mobile application succeeds, it depends on many factors. One of these factors is the mobile platform on which it will focus. In the mobile world, Android and iOS are still the most popular operating systems these days, and the choice is up to these two.
In summary, to develop a mobile application for a specific platform, you must use a language that is natively compatible with that platform. For example, apps for iOS are based on Swift or Objective-C, while Android apps are developed with Java or Kotlin.


Developing an application is more than creating an exceptional user experience. In addition to creating a product that your target audience wants, it is also about ensuring that the application can generate benefits for future development. The sooner you can take advantage of this pro, the sooner you can extend the functionality of your application and improve it for users.

With the right technologies, you can create the minimum viable product (MVP) for your application and launch it in just one month! As I said, your application should cover two main platforms, such as Android and iOS. Cross-platform application development infrastructures will be the best cost-effective proof of concept solution. With cross-platform development, you can save money and get a quick entry into the market with an MVP.
Other things to keep in mind when developing a web/ app include:
Database: The structure of data, the size of data, data accessibility, security and safety of data, speed and scalability of data.


It is also important you reminisce on how to make money from your website or app. You are spending money to design the web/ app, so it is also important you earn.
Target Audience: Having a brilliant idea doesn’t guarantee success. Three words will determine the success of your web/ app and the three word is “know your audience”. Knowing your target audience will help you formulate the best marketing plan that will help you meet their needs.

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