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Why, When, And How To Use Micro-Interactions To Improve The User Experience

How to use micro Interactions | alfyi | alfyi.com

Micro interaction is a tiny attracting moment put up into the application which motivates a feeling of well being once it’s located by the users. The aim is to please the users; to improve customer’s pleasure and enlarge retention.

Micro interaction has four parts:

⦁ Triggers initiate a micro-interaction
⦁ The Rules determined what happens when a micro-interaction is triggered

⦁ Feedback gives users feedback on what is happening. Whatever the user sees, feels, or hears when micro-interaction is happening in the feedback.
⦁ Loops and modes determine the metal rules of the meta-rules micro-interaction. What will happen to the micro-interaction when terms change?

Why do they matter?

Some web graphics and designers ask this question, not knowing that neglecting micro-interactions will cost their clients a lot. Paying attention to information is what makes an exceptional website differ from an ordinary one. Here are the reasons why micro-interaction rocks

⦁ They are not difficult if the users to interact with your website

⦁ They enhance website navigation

⦁ They give tips for your users
⦁ They give instant and useful feedback about a completed action to a user
⦁ They direct users awareness
⦁ Support, sharing, liking and commenting on your content
⦁ Lastly, they make your website more passionate.
If well-designed, they are worth so much because they are a clear sign of a user. A website gives immediate visual feedback and educates the user to work with the system.
If the micro-interaction is done right, they might give effective feelings about your brand and influence the user’s gesture, without them having reasons. If you don’t like a view of a product, you will have a positive or negative tendency towards the product in general.
The Hallo Effect can play for or against you. This knowledge can help to enhance a user’s feedback from your website by paying attentive attention to information. The bottom line is to ensure your users are satisfied.

When to use them?

The impact of micro-interaction on the user experience.

Swipe The swipe helps the user rapidly change between the tabs and get more information about the product. Also, the swipe is the usual gesture and guides the user unconsciously without making them think, just like we do read don’t make your users think. It’s exciting and addictive.

Data input everybody knows how annoying it is to set up a password and create an account. This movement can easily raise hackles. While proactive submission on password strength and usages makes it simple for the user, some collective interaction at the time of day input also keep users involved with the procedure and help you achieve your goals.

Animations it’s easy to enable and enhance micro-interaction. They are designed, the existence might not be seen but absence is known to everyone. They are meant to engage the users and not distract or annoy them. Introducing a new design might cause a distraction.

Creating system status it is important to update the users informed about the current status of what is happening on the site. If the user is not updated on the current status they might get annoyed and leave the site. Micro interaction gives information about what is going on, how it will take a process to complete.

How to design micro-interaction?

Create micro-interaction is exciting for design because it’s easy to experiment new design solution and check for a new idea to surprise the users. Before you could do that you must have few things in mind:

Make functional animations, animations that can enhance the user experience
Have great fun and make your users lively. How the user feel when they see the site or app is the reason behind the user using the app .if the user has fun and experience a lot he returns but if he doesn’t enjoy it or it’s not fun he might leave.

Do not get frustrated or be annoyed. Many animations have a positive effect on users. If you frustrate the users they might stay away from your app.

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