You have spent thousands on creating a PPC that invites clicks. You have paid extra attention to the banner content, promotional emails, graphics, and CTA. But it all still boils down to whether the visitor stays on your page and subscribes to your service. The route to conversion from sales to lead still remains in the hand of the landing page.

average landing page conversion rates stay around 2.5%, a well-made landing page can achieve as much as over a 10% conversion rate. From your ad message to the service you offer and even your graphics, a variety of factors have a say in it.

So while your PPC ad is gaining more and more clicks, what is it that’s stopping you from achieving higher sales numbers? Setting just a few things right for your landing page can help you achieve a conversion rate 3-5 times higher than the average ones. Read on to know how you can do that.

Get Focused on Your Goal

You must be specific about what you are trying to achieve with your ad. The visitors on your landing page have a lower attention span. So you must finalize whether you want to have a signup page as the landing or a products page. Getting a signed form can help you sell online services better, while sharing a list of services can increase sales in your offline store.

Write a Catchy Copy

Much like a text message campaign or an email campaign, the copy of the landing page determines your ad’s success. Sharing a crisp and concise copy can help you achieve better results because no one likes to read your brand’s made-up stories anymore. Here is what you must pay special attention to complete writing the landing page copy: