A logo is an image that represents your business. Each type of logo gives your brand a dissimilar feel. Hence, your logo is the first thing your new customers will want to look at, and you will want to make sure you are selecting the best logo that will suit your business? Here are the 7 types of logo designs that you must know about.

1. Monogram or letter marks

There are 7 type of logo design but which type of logo is right you 01

Monogram logos also are known as letter marks; they consist of a letter, it is usually combined with the brand initial of an organization or a company. They are used as recognizable symbols or logos of the company. Examples are ABC, VM, IBM, CNN… They are monogram logos with 2 or 3 words to remember, and they’re change using their initials for brand notification purposes. So it’s a good idea to use a monogram to represent their company.
A letter mark is comprised of a few letters, they are represented in symbols it is a company’s initials. The letter makes is all about simplicity. By utilizing a few letter mark logos are useful at streamlining any organization brand if they have a long name. For example, it is simple and easy to remember SSC versus the small scale cycles.
The target is on initials, the font you are creating is very essential and make sure your logo design  is not only on-theme with wanting your organization does but be legible when printing on your business cards. Make use of letter mark if your business has a long name.

2. Wordmarks

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Wordmarks are a font-based logo  design that centered on a business name only, it is also similar to letter mark. The wordmark works well if an organization has a succinct and distinct name Coca-Cola is a great example of the wordmark, the name is appealing and is easy to remember when joined with typography it will help to make strong brand recognition.

Calvin Klein
Wordmark logo is a good decision if you have a unique business name that will be easy for customers to remember. Having your name in the well-designed font will create your brand all stickier.

3. Pictorial marks

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Pictorial Mark or logo symbol is an icon or graphic-based design.it is an image that comes to mind when you think of a logo. Pictorial marks create a quick connection with the customers. Playboy, Twitter, Snapchat are symbolic and are easier to identify. If you choose to go with a pictorial mark think about what image to choose because a real brand mark has only an image.

4. Abstract logo marks

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Abstract marks are similar to a pictorial logo design  instead of being an identification image like Twitter or Snapchat, it is an abstract geometric form that represents your organization. Examples are Toyota, Addidas, Vodafone, the abstract logo works well because they condense your brand into one image. Hence, instead of being constricted into a picture of something identity, abstract logos allow you to make something enticing that can represent your brand. You can also attribute meaning and cultivate feeling around your brand.

5. Mascot logos

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Mascot logos are logos that involves an illustrated character representing your business, often colorful or cartoonist, and most always fun, the Mascot logos is a good idea to make your own brand.
KFC Mascot logos
Kool-aid mascot
A mascot logos is just like an image character that represents your company. You think of them as a representative of your business. Think about mascot logos that are great design and creative by getting involved with the audience.

6. The combination mark.

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A combination mark is a logo contain the combination wordmark or letter Mark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. This image and text can be laid out side by side, stacked on the top of each other, or integrated to make an image. Some popular combination mark includes Adidas, Lacoste, and mc Donald’s. The name is combined with the images,
With a combination mark, the audience can combine your name with your pictorial mark or Mascot right away. The combination of a symbol and text makes a unique image together, they are simple logos compare to trademark.

7. The emblem logo design

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An emblem logo  design contains a font inside a symbol or icon. It makes a connection to your organization’s history. What makes emblem logos more unique is that it’s not necessarily reserved for the corporate world. They are used by many schools, government agencies, or organizations. Examples of the emblem logos include Harley Davidson’s, Starbucks.

All these 7 types of logo design can suit your business organization depending on your choice and don’t forget that when choosing your logo design , Make it unique, memorable and easy to identify.